• Imagine a 'Pokemon Go' for Water Quality

    Introducing Water Quality monitoring 'On-The-Spot'.

  • Engage the citizens of Yangon

    to map the Quality of their water.

    #CitizenEngagement #Accountability #Transparency

    January 2018

    100 people in Yangon, Myanmar engaged.

    10,000 data-points

    July 2018

    10.000 people in Yangon, engaged.

    1,000,000 data-points

  • No time to waste.

    Take a look and get involved!

    Pokemon 4 Water


    Monitoring on-the-go.

    There are more smartphones than people in Myanmar [51M].

    There is no online data on water-quality.

    Pokemon 4 Water


    Social Gaming.

    Let's change the game, and include gaming, social inclusion and incentives to engage citizens to collect water-quality data.  

    Pokemon 4 Water



    Water is key to social and economic development. It's our responsibility to measure and share the quality of water (over time).

    Pokemon 4 Water


    Business Model

    We need to focus on the positive (social and financial) incentives to get citizens engaged.

    Let's explore the business case together.

    Pokemon 4 Water



    Share the aggregated data in a visual way for all stakeholders to understand and follow progress.

    Tech needs a 'home' for people to come together (sharing and training).

    Pokemon 4 Water



    It's needed to bring the Lab to the People. This will save cost and time, increase credibility, and create local jobs.

    More and more people will get involved, and train others.


  • #CitizenEngagement

    Let us know if you are Interested

    to join the Water-Quality 'On-The-Spot' initiative!